SWITCH NDT server has been shutdown in June 2014

More information about NDT is available in our eduPERT knowledge base.

For more info on TCP tuning, visit dslreports.com tweaks or UNIX and Windows TCP/IP tuning tips.

Other publicly accessable NDT servers:

Other bandwidth testing sites:

You can see the hops (routers) that your packets pass through from your machine to a target Internet site with the traceroute command (for Windows, use tracert in DOS/command prompt window). The route can actually vary from packet to packet, test to test, and the reverse route (return path) may not be the same. There are several traceroute servers around the world that can show you the route back to your browser. Tom Dunigan at ORNL also has traceroute server at ORNL.

The NDT software (source and compiled programs) is available via the Internet2 Performance web site at www.internet2.edu/performance/ndt/download.html. You can also learn more about the NDT system by subscribing to the NDT user discussion or NDT announcement lists hosted by Internet2.

Last Updated: June 2, 2014 by Ulrich Schmid